Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cups and Mugs and Plates oh my...

So it appears that I have a foible or peccadillo if you will. I think that it is something that I have developed over a period of time and would call it more of a concern for asthetics than proper full blown OCD
So here it is ahem …. *clears throat with trepidation*
I have a problem with plates, cups, bowls and mugs.
There it’s out there. I have a problem with plates, cups, bowls and mugs…phew!
I don’t have a problem with these items as items but I do have a problem with these items if they are not white.
Oh God I’m a tableware racist.
So here’s the thing I cannot drink tea or coffee or any other hot beverage in a cup/mug that has not got a white interior. It just isn’t right, asthetically, you know?
People will kindly make me tea in a cup/mug that is for expample blue inside….nope, wrong, it makes the tea a funny colour, not the colour it should be, it taints it. With a white interior things are the colour they should be. People have suggested that I could probably drink from a cup/mug with a brown/black interior, I say to them NO….that just makes the liquid a solid block colour where as it should have an air of translucence about it an opaqueness that is lost when imbibing from a cup that is full of colour.
I can deal with a pattern on the outside of the mug, one that is pleasing to the eye of course, it’s just the inside that needs to remain white. A common horror is the blue on the outside yellow on the inside combo ……..I become very tense at the sight of this, especially if it is coming towards me with a smile and a “here you go” ………
This same thing extends to bowls and plates….the thought of eating tomato soup from a blue bowl fills me with dread, a bowl of cereal from a red bowl…argh why would you?
Of course I have tried to think of things that I could eat from a plate that was say black and I have come up with something ….Sushi…sushi works on a black plate so that I could do. I can also eat delicate cakes from delicatly patterned plates, I could probably manage to eat off of a plate that had patterning on the outside rim if the food is heaped onto the white bit in the middle, I am always on the look out for ways around ths oddity.
This little foible is a bit of a hindrence when eating out, you never know what your food is going to be served on but so far I have refrained from taking my own plates with me I mean I’m not mad..Oh I also keep note of restaurants that use white plates.
I don’t know where this has come from, some call me fussy (I’m not) some call it an ocd (it’s not) some just stare at me with mouth agog as though I am from another world (I’m not), it is just a thing that I have developed and makes perfect sense to me…
So there it is, out there, in the public domain. I feel lighter.
Please note that in no way is this a euphemism for people, I like my people any which way……
This affliction also extends to paper cups and take away products.

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  1. Love Mum has the same "problem"! Ur blog cheers me up no end Missy.....keep em coming!