Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Weekender Bender

Just before Christmas I saw an advert on the Actor's Centre website......I looked at it and thought yes I want to do this, this is what I have been looking for.  It was a weekend course called REFRESH! Yup that's what I needed re-freshing... did I get straight on the phone and book? Errr no because that would be a decision and no matter how much I wanted to do this I had to decide that it was the best course out there for me, offering classes that I wanted to do at a price that I wanted/could pay therefore I had to scour the internet just to make sure that I was making a good decision.
 So Christmas came and went and I made a vague new years resolution to become more decisive, to go by my gut (which has served me very well in the past and I have always acted on) to give myself only one hour for any fannying around then the decision has to be made.
With great gusto I returned to the Actor's Centre website and emailed my interest ( I am not one for speaking on phones?!) Within a minute I had an email back asking me to call in and book a place!
Mmmm, ok it was time to face that fear head on too, I don't know where my dislike of talking on the phone comes from but there you some point I will write about my plate likes and dislikes! 
Anyhoo, I called, I booked, I paid....simple.
Yay! I was now looking forward to a weekend of acting classes to REFRESH me.....I have felt a little stuck in a comedy rut, this is not a bad place to be stuck in but it makes you fearful of any staright/serious work that might be up for grabs! Nobody was coming with me so it was a perfect setting to test my boundries and comfort zones.
Friday night and I headed out to meet my lovely friend, let's call her The Wench, for a few beers, my other friend, we shall call him Baldy was there as was The Rae,  I informed them that I would be being very good and heading off early so that I could be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next day.
This did not happen....
I had beers and chats and fun and other friends came along and beers led to wine and wine led to incoherent babbling and eventual staggering home so much later than planned and of course one cannot go home and go straight to bed, nooooooo, one had to have gin first .
Of course I slept through my alarm and then staggered and stumbled into some clothing that may or may not have been appropriate for the day ....the words I spoke as I walked out of the door were "great I'm still drunk...I fucking hate myself...." .....a good start then.
The train was freezing my hangover kicked in the tubes were up the spout and I was! I found a Sainsbury's and bought copious amounts of juice and fruit and water and dashed  into the Actor's Centre. Everyone had already gone in so I found my studio and as quietly as possible opened the door revealing lots of fresh faced actors listening intently to a wonderful voice teacher called Annie Morrison...I tiptoed across the floor, plonked myself down in my seat and put my bag on the floor, everything then fell out of my bag creating noise and embarrassment, after shoving it all back in I finally had time to sit and breath. This is when I realised that I had not had time to wash my hair or shower myself and was now sitting amongst clean people who probably thought that I was a boozy old tramp.
I had to throw myself into the class and despite the constant nausea and boozy wafts I made it through and felt pretty damn pleased with myself. Annie was an inspiring teacher and I would have loved for the class to be double, no triple the time ......

The course was a two dayer and the next day was just as eye opening and wonderful as the first, well more so really as I was not fighting off the second coming of beer and I had washed! I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I quite liked it out there.
I shall be going back to do  more workshops and although I would love to promise that I will never, ever repeat my boozy actions the night before something fabulous I suspect that that is a promise I will not keep...I will however decide more because that decision as it turns out was a belter!

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