Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why Does It Take Me So Long?

It has taken me two days to select a theme that I vaguely like and upload it, I am still not sure it best suits me but I had to make a decision otherwise I would never have started this Tumblr malarky. I am a very bad decision maker: not that I make bad decisions I just can’t decide on stuff. I am still deciding if to buy some actual UGGS or whether some good fakes will do, this has been going on since October 2010, by the time I do eventually decide it will be summer and I will have to decide whether Havaianas are really worth the money or should I just stick to some cheapy Primark flip flops…Of course this all makes me look a bit flakey, it’s not just footwear that I can’t decide on, I can’t decide on many, many, many life decisions. So this begs the question whilst I’m pontificating on life’s meaningless and meaningful decisions amd I missing out on the life bit….?

I am now deciding if to upload this now or add more…..bugger it, just push the fucking button .........

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